At Gyro Boutique we are committed to offer the true taste of authentic Greek cuisine. Our mission is to offer a unique and memorable dining experience. Our recipes have been passed from generation to generation and that is why Gyro Boutique will quickly become the place of choice in the province of Quebec to Greek cuisine. Discover for yourself! Our kitchen is simple. elegant, fresh, healthy and nutritional.

Classic Gyro

Enjoy our classic gyro! Enjoy on a plate (served with side of fries, pita, salad & tzatziki) OR In a pita dressed up the way you like! Your choice of chicken, lamb or pork. Spit-roasted cooking allows the meats to cook evenly and yields tender, tasty meat. The three types of meat offered in a Gyro format are 100% pure and not mixed with any other meats to dilute the quality of our products and are marinated and seasoned to perfection in our kitchen every day


Enjoy our traditional Greek or Psilokomeni salads made with Fresh lettuce, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, served with a side of vinaigrette. Also available as a meal with your choice of Gyro meat!


Golden and creamy perfection! Bougatsa (Greek custard pie with phyllo) is a traditional Greek dessert made of creamy custard wrapped in golden brown crispy phyllo!


  • Rick Seifeddine
    Tried Gyro Boutique for the first time. Quality of the food is excellent. The fries are fantastic (seriously), the pitas fresh and hot, all ingredients and salad vegetables top notch, the meats superb. The staff look like the owners and they are directly involved; they are on it and cut no corners. The place is fantastically clean which is important to me. I don’t write many reviews but stopped eating to write this one because I’m impressed.
    Rick Seifeddine
  • Jerry Golick
    Real tasty gyro and other Greek treats.. Run by some fine friendly fellows... Worth a visit
    Jerry Golick
  • Nudge One
    Great restaurant!!! I can’t understand the people that didn’t like the food or the restaurant. The food is amazing and authentic not cheap process food and you can tell the owner put in work building this place and it’s menu. I would definitely recommend to anybody who wants to experience a REAL GREEK MEAL
    Nudge One
  • nikkikickshard
    Delicious fast Greek food but at sit down restaurant prices. I love the style and decor of the restaurant. The service was amazing, friendly and helpful. I was just shocked at the total bill but I have to say it was still worth it! Enjoy and don’t forget in Greece the fries are inside the souvlaki!! Lol as I was told here.
  • Alexa B
    I had an amazing experience here. Not only is the food amazing, but the owner is a gem and made you feel right at home! Super clean and the decor makes you feel like you are on vacation.
    Alexa B
  • Katie Lefevre
    I had the best experience here. Leo is amazing! I went in one night and asked for something to go, but when I got home, I discovered it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. The service had been incredible though, so instead of blasting off a bad review, I decided to call and see what they thought about the situation. Leo corrected things 200%. We sorted it out - it had been a simple miscommunication. He said, come in some time this week and we’ll give you something on the house - what would you like? I found the Greek salad incredible so I asked for this. I went in and he was so hospitable! I didn’t feel uncomfortable about the situation at all, and he made me feel totally welcomed. He did up a Greek salad, a box of lamb (theirs being to die for it’s so amazing!), and even told me to take a chocolate bar on my way out! He was a true gentleman, and reminded me of what real hospitality and reception is in a time where it’s hard to come by. I will definitely be returning and recommending this place to everyone I know. Not only is the food delicious and the ambiance beautiful, but the customer service is out of this world! Thank you Gyros & Leo 😊😊😊
    Katie Lefevre

Gyro Boutique

is a family themed restaurant specializing in authentic quick service Greek cuisine. Our unique menu as well as our decor offers the patron an original dining experience new to the market. Our food made fresh every day as well as our imported products straight from Greece is the focal point of this new franchise.
Discover taste and experience the Greek cuisine one of the joys that we can all share. At Gyro Boutique, expect to experience an extensive menu that offers a wide selection of gyro meat. We believe that the best quality and fresh ingredients are not the only secret of success but a lifestyle! We are ready and excited to offer our customer the best dining experience.
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