Gyro Boutique is a family themed restaurant specializing in authentic quick service Greek cuisine. Our unique menu as well as our decor offers the patron an original dining experience new to the market. Our food made fresh every day as well as our imported products straight from Greece is the focal point of this new franchise.


Our menu fits well into the overall demographics of the Quebec market. Where immigrants and quebecers alike value the traditional Mediterranean cuisine at a very affordable price. With our concept of quick cuisine sensibly priced it is a natural fit for the residence to turn to our restaurant as an alternative to cooking. Fast turn around, amazing service and a healthy menu is a clear substitute for the working family. Our delivery service brings our healthy menu to your doorstep without unnecessary travel.
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Our unique concept of Gyro pitas made with 100% lamb makes Gyro Boutique the only choice for customers that are looking for high quality and high service meals. With our introduction of home delivery, Gyro Boutique will dominate the neighbourhood landscape for years to come.
Compared to his competitors it is above par. The difference of quality, quantity, taste, atmosphere and service is incomparable. The recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. The three types of meat offered in a Gyro format are 100% pure and not mixed with any other meats to dilute the quality of our products.