The restaurant industry in Quebec is stable and in fact on the rise. Although spending in restaurants has increased yearly since 2012 and the number of restaurant has decreased, expenditure in on the rise. We can assume that this due to the quality of the product, rather than the quantity of the restaurant. The lessor quality restaurants are closing their doors, making way for the better, organized, franchised type to emerge. The consumer has spoken even in these tough economic times. People will spend their money in high quality, good service locations, such has Gyro Boutique.


Our competitive advantage resides in our niche. Our focus on every detail to make the customers experience one that he or she will want to incorporate Gyro Boutique into their eating psyche. Gyro Boutique has focused on opening it’s first location in the Richelieu area because the demographics play extremely well into the family focused restaurant that we are. Future locations include NDG, West Island and Downtown Montreal with plenty of other locations on the look out. We intend to continue to adjust our menu into what our patrons want. We rely heavily on consumer requests and demands. Our philosophy is ever evolving just like our customers.


Our studies show that the disposable income of families with regards to restaurant expenditures is on the upswing. Our locations and family themed concept will allow the ever sophisticated consumer the easy choice of coming to Gyro Boutique to spend that money. The demand for good food at a good price is also expected to grow in the next five years. Family oriented restaurants in particular will benefit the most, placing the Gyro Boutique concept at the forefront of this market trend.



Thank you for your interest in franchising with Gyro Boutique. To further proceed with a franchising application or information, please email us about your interest and current experience and financial position, and we will send you our Application Form and Investor Package. Welcome to Gyro Boutique

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